Top 5 Miraculous Foods for Athletes

It is true that carbs-loading is crucial for an athlete, but replenish the body with energy to perform the top-notch workout also plays a vital role in any training. Amid of all these things, no one can deny that supplements with these healthy eats and Miraculous Foods for Athletes which will help you build strength, sustain energy, and recover faster along with that you will be able to perform like never before.

Get tremendous Change by Adopting the Following Miraculous Foods for Athletes

There is a flood in the market for foods and supplements which depicts fitness fanatics. If you ask for healthy food most of the marketers suggest you grab a supplement. As mentioned above that supplements are also essential for athletes but focus on foods must be considered.

  • Quinoa

Although a few would not be able to recognize this by name, it is sort of sprouted seed, which is easily available in markets. Quinoa is usually considered a whole grain and comes under a category of superfoods. It contains a lot of protein (8 grams per cup) as compare to other grains. The important thing why this food comes on first in the list and most recommended: “this is one of the only foods to contain all nine essential amino acids our bodies need to build lean muscle and recover from tough workouts”.

Quinoa’s also a great source of fiber and carbohydrates, says Barbara Lewin, R.D., a sports nutritionist in Fort Meyers, Florida, and it’s extremely versatile: You can eat it like a breakfast cereal with cinnamon and honey, or make it savory and serve it in place of rice or pasta.

  • Berries

Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E help protect against oxidative stress and free radicals that form in the body during strenuous physical activity—and berries are one of the best sources out there. “Choose berries with the most intense colors—blackberries, raspberries, blueberries—because they have more of those phytochemicals and protective substances,”  says Lewin.

 (Bonus: Eating lots of antioxidants also seem to help preserve muscle strength as you age, according to a 2009 study.)

To consume it with a taste and in great quantity convert it into a smoothie and make your breakfast healthy and tasty. Food lovers can also try it as a raw fruit to eat, just eat them by the handful.

Aim: By eating a verity of berries with various colors you get several antioxidants and nutrients.

  • Salmon

Fishes such as salmon, mackerel, and trout, come under the category of top sources of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They all provide protein but have enormous benefits as they reduce inflammation that can hamper athletic performance and contribute to chronic conditions like heart disease. Adding wild salmon endows the benefits, which reduces the chances of cancer. It could be a bit expensive but you can consume it twice a week with your regular food or in post workout meal. If you are unable to find this in your city then instead of having it in the raw form you can go for a salmon burger, salmon food, or another dish, which contains salmon. Salmon oil may help

  • Beans and Legumes

Most of the athletes are fond of non-vegetarian food and consider it as a suitable source of protein. But in our country, we have a heap of people who avoid non-vegetarian food. For those vegetarian athletes (or those who just want to go meatless once and a while), plant-based things are a suitable source of protein which incorporates soybeans, tofu, lentils, peas, and all varieties of beans—black, pinto, white, kidney, you name it.

“Most people don’t eat enough of these or they say they don’t like them,” says Lewin. “But really, you can do so much with them: add them into salads, make a three-bean chili, eat hummus… you don’t have to just eat them straight out of a can every day.”


Beans are popular to be the great source of protein but it may not be the protein’s powerhouse that can compete for the other protein sources. According to reports: A cup of black beans has about 114 calories and 7 grams of protein, versus 168 calories and 33 grams of protein for 4 ounces of the skinless chicken breast. However, unlike animal protein, beans have no saturated fat and are a good source of fiber, which can help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

  • Pasta

Astonished to see the name of Pasta in the list? But, don’t, pasta comes under the category of suitable food for athletes. A stack of trainers raise a statement that Protein is only the grand meal for athletes which serve them muscle building, But in the quest of protein, we often avoid carbohydrates which are still the single most important component of an athlete’s diet.

“Our bodies burn carbs as fuel,” says Jill Pluhar, R.D., a nutritionist with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “We can also burn fat or protein, but we have to convert them into carbs first, which is more work for the body.”

So what kind of carbs should you eat? For an athlete, a pasta meal incorporates a bunch of whole-grain varieties could be the best. It encompasses a lot of fiber and, usually, less added sugar than their refined white counterparts. If you are, suppose to perform somewhere as a fitness model then the night before the turn to the simple stuff plain pasta. Add a good amount of grains and green veggies in it.

“Fiber takes a while to get through your system and it can contribute to gastrointestinal distress, so reducing it before a big athletic event can help things run more smoothly,” says Pluhar.


The entire list mentioned above comprises the top 5 Miraculous Foods for Athletes which do not only help them in muscle building but also serve a boost in energy. A balanced and regular consumption of the above-stated foods will bestow you with the maintenance of muscles for the long lasting period.


Do not rely on the diet completely as the vital role of supplements cannot be played by foods because supplements are the pure form of any useful substance. When it comes to the consumption of any food for bodybuilding just make a proper schedule or you can call us on the given numbers. Our expert will help you sort your queries.

Wonderful Nutrition Tips for Athletes

A workout of 90 minutes or more cannot be palliative to your muscles, especially when it comes to performing it at high intensity it takes a lot of endurance. so here are some Nutrition Tips for Athletes. To play that workout task at your peak you need a special diet plan, which can boost your energy. It will also repair the vivid muscle tissues during recovery mode. To make a balance and get a steady growth we will navigate you through special tips for nutrition, which will not only help you out in your training drive but also make you energetic while performing the routine tasks


  • Many of us ponder on a myth that an athlete should stay away from But the reality is something we are far away from. In actual, the carbs are an athlete’s main fuel, which boosts the energy of an athlete, and provides enough stamina to perform the workout. Your body changes them into glucose, a form of sugar, and stores it in your muscles as glycogen.

During the workout, your body changes glycogen into energy. An exercise of 90 minutes bestows your muscles with glycogen, even for high-intensity activities. However, in case your workout exceeds longer than this duration, go for the following tip:

“Carbohydrate loading for 3 or 4 days before an event can help top up your glycogen stores,” says sports dietitian Joy Dubost, Ph.D.
  • Comply with a diet that encompasses around 70% of its calories from carbohydrates, also incorporates bread, cereals, pasta, fruit, and vegetables, to endow your body with maximum storage of carbs.
  • Consume your last meal 3 to 4 hours ago of the workout.
  • Make your stomach a bit empty.
  • Do not contemplate for eating sugary or starchy foods during a workout. Sugar content can speed up dehydration at the time workout.

Load carbs, water, and minerals when you are supposed to be in a long exercise session. Keep eating healthy snacks and drinks every 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Refined carbohydrates or raw carbs, which comprises sugar or flour, has an ability to pass quickly into the bloodstream. Those contents steer the energy into muscles. Many athletes prefer sports bars, sports drinks, or gels since they are so convenient, but fruit and fruit juice are also recommended to fulfill this purpose.
Since you don’t need quick energy, it’s best to choose less refined carbohydrates” such as a whole-grain bagel or carrot sticks, which provide both carbohydrates and a rich array of nutrients, Dubost says.
  • Protein is the prominent source which repairs muscles but the thing to be mentioned that protein does not provide a lot of fuel for energy. But when it comes to maintaining the muscles you surely need it.

Along with that, you should also be aware of the consumption you know what you need. An average person by body weight needs 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight a day. It indicates that about 88 grams of protein are required for a person with 150-pound. A savvy and strong athlete who indulges in a strength training may need up to 1.7 grams per kilogram of body weight. That’s about 150 grams of protein for a 200-pound athlete.

  • Be easy with fats while in training mode. When your body has fewer carbs and you need to prepare for a long event then body cuts down the fat to get enough and required energy. But here you need to notice that fat is also essential for our body as protein and carbs. A bunch of athletes achieves the essential fat consumption through these basic dietary guidelines.
  • Eating unsaturated fat from foods such as nuts, avocados, olives, vegetable oils, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna.
  • They keep a distance from fatty foods (on a special training day or event) which help them in performing much better than before.


  • An intense workout can make you dehydrated, especially in hot weather. Dehydration affects the performance and is a prevention in your muscle building. Because at the time of moments associated with a workout, your body demands more and more water.

So it is recommended, “All high-intensity athletes should drink fluids early and often,” Dubost says. “And don’t wait until you’re thirsty. By the time you feel parched, you may be seriously dehydrated.”

“One way to monitor hydration is to keep an eye on the color of your urine,” says Joshua Evans,  MD, a physician at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit and an expert on dehydration.

  • There is an indication if you are lacking with water. A pale yellow color depicts that you are getting enough fluid. Bright yellow or dark urine means you are falling short.


Because intense exercise makes you lose fluid quickly, it’s a good idea to drink fluids before as well as during an event, Dubost says.

Above shown were some Nutrition Tips for Athlete with beneficial exercises along with required nutrition which is a need for maintaining the proper body for athletes.

Hence, we the amour-nutrition a registered manufacturing unit is here to help you out in your drive of achieving your bodybuilding goals. Our all products are being manufactured under GMP NSF facility which has no side effects. Stay tuned to get the Best Pre-workout protein and advice you were on a quest for some Nutrition Tips for Athlete. We can ensure you that Amour will provide original and genuine supplements. To get the best outgrowth of your muscles development and we have an established panel of fitness experts who will assist you with all your queries. As we have a vast range of bodybuilding supplements and best protein powder in India, so you can explore our website to have the most Genuine Protein Powder and increases the inner muscle power inner strength and inner immunity inner mass.


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Common Myths about Whey Protein Powder

Unfortunately, there are several various Common Myths about Whey Protein Powder/ protein side effects that are going around everywhere whether its internet or our day to day life. There is a lot of conflicting information about the benefits and apparent drawbacks of using whey protein supplements as they are also a part of your workout plan. You must have heard or assumed about whey protein may be wrong, if you ask ten people about protein powder in return you’ll probably get ten different answers. Indeed there are many misconceptions about powder. We aim to help dispel these misconceptions in a way that is simple and straight to the core of these Common Myths about Whey Protein Powder.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is a mixture of globular isolated from whey, Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It’s a byproduct of the manufacture of cheese or casein and has several commercial uses.

Whey Protein powder incorporates
  • Concentrate (WPC)
  • Isolate (WPI)
  • Hydrolysate (WPH).

Concentrate quite a general kind of Protein and economical as well. Whey Protein is a well-known dietary supplement amid of athletes, fitness freaks and others who are on a quest for additional protein in their meal.

Whey protein is marketed as dietary supplements along with resistance exercise can help improve muscle protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean tissue. Taking Whey Protein in a convenient way to add 20-25 grams of protein on top of your daily intake. It can be important for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts as well as people who need to lose weight or are simply lacking protein in the diet.

Here are some of the Common Myths about Whey Protein Powder:

  • Whey protein makes you fat:

It’s a protein powder which is contributed to your daily calories intake just like any other food; there’s nothing special about it. Whey protein doesn’t make you fat. However, if your daily calorie intake is more than your body requires, you will certainly gain fat. It’s true that may pre-mix protein shake and smoothies are very high in calories. Intake of low protein diet makes it harder for you to put on healthy muscle mass. Therefore taking the right dosage of whey protein as prescribed is recommended no more or less.

  • Whey protein harmful for kidney or liver:

High protein diets are not at all harmful to your kidney and will not give you osteoporosis. The researches which have been done on this show that they don’t have any adverse effect on kidney or liver, only when an individual already has some existing kidney or severe medical conditions, then caution is required so as not to exacerbate such conditions. People with health kidney or livers show no link between high protein diets and kidney issues. As there is no evidence that a proper level of protein intake in a healthy person is going to harm the liver. Often these concerns come from the extreme cases, wherein the huge amount of protein was taken or the liver was already damaged. Even when you are taking high-quality protein supplements, it’s important to maintain a proper balance of all the necessary nutrients.

  • High protein intake weakens your bones:

Proteins are basically made up of amino acids, which are a form of acids; concern has arises which you increase your protein intake can lessen the integrity of an individual’s bone structure. There is no evidence to support the conclusion. In fact, some evidence that that certain protein powders can even increase bone density. We should always note that protein supplements are generally used alongside resistance training which has been proven to greatly increase bone density.

  • All proteins are the same:

This one is extremely false. There are various different types of protein powders and each should be chosen for consumption according to an individual’s specific need. Whey protein is absorbed very easily by the body and it’s good to consume it post-workout. High in branch-chained amino acids are absorbed by the body fast helping to rebuild muscle and improve the immune system when intense strain from exercise weakens it. Casein protein, on the other hand, is absorbed slowly. Also, it’s a good choice to consume before bed. You can also compare different types of protein according to their biological value, which determines how much of the protein your body is able to use. But, whey protein is a complete protein as it provides all essential amino acids required for muscle tissue repair and recovery. As it digests quickly this makes it a superior source of protein for fitness enthusiasts,.

  • Your body absorbs only 30grams protein:

In reality, your body can absorb more than 30 grams of protein in a single meal. According to the research, the average person can only absorb 10g of amino acids per hour and the bodybuilders ate every three hours then the human body absorbs about 30g of protein per hour. The truth is that you intake more protein than your body can handle that a given time.

  • Whey protein causes hair loss:

Consuming whey protein helps you building the muscles, bones, and hair. Therefore, this myth that it causes hair loss seems baseless. We know protein intake should help in hair growth. Some people have a genetic predisposition for hair loss and there could be other factors such as stress, insufficient nutrition, etc.

  • Protein will give you muscle mass:

When it comes to adding muscle mass, it’s not an easy process. Eating more protein alone also isn’t enough to grow your muscles. Increasing your protein intake needs to be effective in growing muscle mass, you must also stick with a strength-training regimen. Your workout needs to be designed so that it could provide you with the proper stimulus. And your diet needs to contain an excess of calories. Also, hormonal levels specifically testosterone play a key role. Protein will provide you the nutrients needed for your muscles to grow, but only after you’ve put them to work.

  • Whey protein contains steroids:

Whey protein is made from milk. Normal milk contains fat, carbs, and protein. To get this protein food it will come in the form of whey protein or casein protein powders. There are no steroids added to whey protein and they are not magic pills.  Intake of protein powder won’t help you get big and they are no different from foods that are high in proteins such as lean meat, fish, egg whites, etc. Intake of whey protein powder is a convenient way to hit your protein macros for your fitness goals.

Above were some of the Common Myths about Whey Protein Powder which are not at all relevant as we require the protein intake for the betterment of our body.

Benefits of Whey Protein:

  • It’s an Excellent Source of High-Quality Protein
  • Protein Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Helps in Lower Blood Pressure
  • Helps in treating Type 2 Diabetes
  • Also helps to Reduce Inflammation
  • Beneficial for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Helps in Enhancing the Body’s Antioxidant Defenses
  • Also beneficial for effects on Blood Fats
  • It’s Highly Satiating (Filling), Which May Help Reduce Hunger


We at Amour Nutrition serve the best health and sports nutrition product to our people. you don’t have to go here and there on a quest for Whey Protein reach us to get the world-class products and we can ensure you that Amour will provide original and genuine supplements.

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Things to Consider before Buying the Best Protein Powder

We all know that there are various’ Things to Consider before Buying the Best Protein Powder’ as the bodybuilding supplement’s market has a vast range of food supplement for bodybuilding and protein powder as well. You probably get confused after having numerous brands and products. So, in this situation, you might come across a question that “How to choose the right protein powder which is suitable for my body”?

Today, we will pull the curtain up from the secrets of opting for a right protein powder.

  1. Quality: Best Protein Supplement for Muscle Gain

Paying to embellish your physic is definitely a better investment you make. But you need to ascertain that the protein powder is pure and natural. We often replicate the same pattern of reading the label and checking the compositions. But the one who is dexterous enough can distinguish between fake and genuine.

Here you need to ensure that it doesn’t contain more than ten ingredients. Moreover, try to check that the powder has organic ingredients.

  1. Do not make a Mistake, Get the Genuine Protein Powder

Most of the bodybuilding goers pay a huge attention to adverts of prevalent products (Protein Powder for Weight Loss) which claim that a powder has “Extra Ingredients”, which will tremendously boost the muscle growth or this is the best bodybuilding supplements etc. So, do not overlook the actual quality of the product by getting impressed the taglines as most manufacturers add a small amount of these additional ingredients to manipulate the layman. Invariably, do not make a mistake of spending your hard earned money on these sorts of supplements with inflated prices.

  1. Marketing Blusters in Indian Supplement Brands

Marketing is an ocean of temptations, and marketers can hunt a customer by depicting their product with few catchy and alluring graphics or promises. Do not ever rely on the hyperbole, especially when the price of the product is out of your budget. I do not mean to imply that all expensive

products come with bad quality or fewer nutrients; nevertheless, you shouldn’t be pleased with the marketing. Expand your knowledge and research, and then choose the right Mass protein supplements for you. Utilize some time and efforts to compare few brands, products, and ingredients. Do not let the marketing decide what you should consume.

  1. Don’t get Confused with Indian Supplement Brands

Every protein powder can be different in composition and the process of consumption. Ostensibly, we cannot be sure that taking every protein will endow you the expected aftermaths. Even few proteins contain carbs which cause weight gain. These kinds of products are better suited to ectomorphs, who are struggling in weight gain. Nonetheless, you can visit our website for getting more knowledge about bodybuilding supplements. Our experts will guide you for free.  Usually, the supplements contain around 5 grams of fat, whereas protein gets the place with around 20 grams per serving, up to 5 grams of carbohydrate.

  1. Know the Different Types of Protein: Whey Protein Supplements

There could be many opinions on the selection of protein or which protein is better. Holistically, if you even ask any fitness experts, the reply will be same that there is not a huge difference among proteins. Nevertheless, your decision and research will play a crucial role in it.

Proteins which incorporate Casein can take a long period to digest. In contrast, Isolate or concentrate proteins can be digested in less time. Dedicated bodybuilders and athletes prefer to consume casein protein in the night before sleep. To achieve enough amounts of amino acids this protein is recommended one.

Isolate whey protein has the quick absorption attribute, this is the reason the trainers suggest to take it straight after a workout (for desired aftermaths, consume it immediately after an intense workout). It helps amino acids and proteins to hit your muscles miraculously in minimal glitches were as Concentrate protein powder is digested at a medium pace. And it’s most suitable to take in between meal times.

Have a glance at the table to get it more closely:

Now you have the essential knowledge of the ingredients. We have walked you through the lucrative factors you should know. You will get what ingredients your protein supplement should contain.

Gym trainers and nutritionists are the main sources of your knowledge of choosing a protein powder for you. Nonetheless, we have a world on the internet where you can dive into the ocean of information and get the required one. But, believing in those virtual sources is a bit hard task as you can’t make a wise decision on the basis of online information as there are various Things to Consider before Buying the Best Protein Powder.

Hence, we the amour-nutrition is here to help you out in your drive of achieving your bodybuilding goals. Stay tuned and get the best advice you were on a quest for. We have an established panel of fitness experts who will assist you with all your queries. As we have a vast range of bodybuilding supplements and best protein powder in India, so you can explore our website to have the most Genuine Protein Powder

Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles

Wanted to wage the war on fat and show off your lean and hardened Muscles? Don’t be the victim of the usual crap advices that says takes endless runs, salads and sit-ups. Unless you want to be a skinny-ripped and these types of training won’t get you the lean and hardened Muscles you are looking for. We at amour nutrition will provide you with some Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles.

The illustration of a muscular physic can be achieved through an intense workout. To get a lean and tendinous physic you go through the strength-training workout which is notable as a most effective way out in muscle gains you are running after.

Here you confront a veracity that you will have to stop dreaming about strong muscles without proper nutrition. The result of a muscular physic is a blend of various exercise and protein intakes. In our daily routine, it is a bit hard task to consume rich foods every time. To eradicate the instability of protein intake you can consume whey protein, which will fulfill the entire requirement of protein requirements your muscle tissues need to get a growth.

Just implement the following Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles with an esthetic look:

  • Comprise an Intense Training in Your Daily Life

The foremost thing you need to understand that more muscles over your fats make your body metabolically active than ever. It will also be responsible for burning more calories even when you’re just performing routine jobs. Resistance weight training is the only way to achieve more muscles.

  • Consume More Fiber

Our body is unable to break down the fibers into glucose to use for energy; radically fiber is a sort of carbohydrate.

Fiber has two types:

Soluble and Insoluble, and both fibers have their different roles. They perform for the betterment of the body. Soluble fiber nicely receives water to create a gel which maintains and slows down the digestion and makes balance in the emptiness of your stomach, it will make you feel fuller the entire day. It also helps in lowering blood cholesterol by interfering with the absorption of dietary cholesterol, helping to remove it from the body.

Broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, spinach, green beans, water chestnuts, zucchini, whole grains, green leafy veggies, and beans are the best food available with fiber.

  • Add Macro-nutrients with Wisdom

Always try to avoid consuming a carb-only meal as it’s probably not wise. A meal like this can steer the process of the liver to convert excess carbohydrates into fat ahead, which will be transferred into the body for future use as energy.

Make sure you are having enough protein in every meal. It will provide not only strength to your muscles but also a fat-free body.

  • Do not Choose Excessive Cardio

Trainers suggest cardio along with resistance training, your body will adapt to cardio while you are on a training program. Choosing running for hours will adapt your body for consuming more meal every time which can be a cause of your fat. You need to teach your body to burn enough calories which are needed. It will maintain your intakes and digestive system as well. Because our entire goal is fitness, not an ailing body.

  • Track and Record Everything

It is probably the most important tip for getting and staying lean. Tracking the progress of your body fitness while training can endow the miraculous aftermaths to you. Always measure your body fat and weight before beginning the training and meanwhile must have a sharp eye on the progress.

Above shown were the some Tips to Get Lean and Harden Muscles with beneficial exercises along with required nutrition which is need for maintaining proper body.

Hence, we the amour-nutrition a registered manufacturing unit is here to help you out in your drive of achieving your bodybuilding goals. Our all products are being manufactured under GMP NSF facility which has no side effects. Stay tuned to get the Best Pre-workout protein and advice you were on a quest for some Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles. We can ensure you that Amour will provide original and genuine supplements. To get the best outgrowth of your muscles development and we have an established panel of fitness experts who will assist you with all your queries. As we have a vast range of bodybuilding supplements and best protein powder in India, so you can explore our website to have the most Genuine Protein Powder and increases the inner muscle power inner strength and inner immunity inner mass.


We do not talk about fitness we create it.

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