Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Consuming Whey Protein

Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Consuming Whey Protein

Have you started the journey of building your physic? If yes, then you must have heard the
rattling of bottles or you hear the clanking of shakers in the gym. As a beginner, there is a
natural curiosity takes a place in your brain that why these people are shaking those shakers
and what they are consuming after the workout. The answer is, there are a few supplements
which all help you build muscles, providing stamina and maintaining your muscle growth
such as pre-workout supplement, BCAA and the champion supplement of bodybuilding whey
protein. whey protein not only grows muscle but using whey protein for weight loss is the best
technique to lose weight fast.

Get A Charismatic Muscle Growth Through Whey Protein

If you always envision great muscle growth with attractive physic then you need to consume
whey protein in post workout. Some people will suggest you in a gym that whey protein is an
unnecessary supplement and it will be a harmful substance for your body. But that is not
true at all because muscle tearing takes place in the gym while working out and for great
muscle growth or even a satisfactory muscle growth you need to consume protein after a
workout to repair them. Repairing of muscle growth is crucial because you get muscles in
rest mode, not in the gym.

Consuming Whey Protein Or Protein From Natural Food

Many of persons or gym goers will suggest you consume protein through natural food.
Unfortunately, this is a bitter truth that we cannot consume the entire percentage of protein
from natural food what our body requires after a workout. As per our body weight or body
demands, particular grams of protein which cannot be contained through Natural sources
and a huge drawback of getting protein from Natural Sources is, we consume fats and
carbohydrates as well which was beyond our daily consumption of carbs and fats. And that
can be proved a great barrier in achieving the muscle goal.

So, the conclusion is, whey protein is crucial for gaining muscles in the ideal span of time.


Important things you need to know before consuming whey protein

1. While mixing up

After immense research you have purchased a whey protein, now what will you do?

Mixing up the protein is the initial step and important as well because if you do not mix the
protein in the water nicely then it will just be a waste of money and it provides no effect to
your body. Read the entire indications and direction of mixing whey protein on the box then
shake it nicely and consume.

2. Replacement of meal

On a kick-start day, you just need to consume your breakfast and all other things in the
shortest time. So you can consume whey protein in your breakfast instead of making
breakfast and consuming both of the things in separate times. Just make a shake with the
few fruits by adding Whey protein and consume it with your breakfast or take it as a handy


2 scoops of protein powder
1-2 cups of vegetables (like spinach, which doesn’t affect the taste)
2 handfuls of fruit (fresh or frozen)
2 tablespoons of healthy fat (a nut butter or seed for example)
Mixer (almond milk, regular milk, water — your choice)


1 scoop of protein powder
1 cup of vegetables
Handful of fruit
1 tablespoon of healthy fat
Mixer (almond milk, regular milk, water — your choice)

3. Whey protein is a lean protein

Amino acids are essential for your body and muscle growth. That’s not all about going to the
gym and consuming amino acids but for a layman also it is important. Whey protein is a
great evaluation of various essential amino acids which our body requires. Whey protein

provides all sorts of amino acids which promotes muscle growth. Ultimately the protein has
earned a tag of the perfect and ideal post-workout consumption of protein.

4. Myths- Side Effects Of Protein Shake

Whey protein is the safest supplement which is highly natural and extracted from milk.
A few hunks working out in the gym will throw their half knowledge on you that, do not
consume whey protein it contains side effects, etc. Just ignore those so-called experts or
fitness gurus and follow your passion as whey protein is completely safe to consume.
Anyone, a person who does not work out can take a bit of whey protein in a day. But as we
always hear that the excess of everything is dangerous, so take it under the guidance of
your certified trainer and do not consume more than your body requires at a time because
our body has a particular capability to digest a fixed amount of protein. So taking more
protein beyond limits will be completely wastage and can trouble your digestive system.

5. Weight loss Vs. Muscle gain

No doubt whey protein builds your muscle and gives a great boost to your muscle growth.
But when it comes to muscle gaining and using whey protein for weight loss then the consumption of
whey protein can be changed. Must know about it and consider your goal then start
consuming whey protein. You can contact for the same at

Winding up

As for now, we had a productive discussion on consuming whey protein so we hope you
have received a piece of the required information and will apply in your experience of
For more information, you can directly call us by clicking the contact us button. If you have
any sort of query regarding whey protein or mass gainer or any other bodybuilding related
question then straight come to us or call, our fitness experts will guide you with credible
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Why Whey Protein Is Necessary For Gaining Muscles

Whey protein is a blend of various types of proteins. It is a liquid part of milk which is separated while making paneer. In fact, milk contains two types of main proteins for gaining Muscles –

  • Casein protein

  • Whey protein.

It contains 80 percent of the protein which is the purest form. Today we will navigate you through the topic that why consuming whey protein is necessary for building body and gaining muscles. It is very important to know about it before consuming protein.

This protein contains 80% protein of milk. The most important thing is that it is a complete protein which has essential amino acids. It is one of the best sources of protein which carriesamino acids (BCAAs) along with lusins which are considered best for muscle formation. Apart from all these the proteins are also easily digestible.


Talking about the benefits of Whey Protein helps a lot in building muscles. There is a heap of people who are completely vegetarian, such people want to build a lean body but in any case they can’t opt for eggs,fish and another meat source, the protein is made for such people and for those who do not have the time to make protein-containing food, then instead of eating food the whey protein fulfills the whole requirements. Consuming drinks with powder of Protein in water removes the various problems as well.


  • Whey Protein for Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the biggest cause of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have found that eating dairy products do not have the problem of increasing blood pressure. Protein is very beneficial in reducing blood pressure. A study has found that by consuming protein at least 22 grams per day for 6 weeks, the condition of blood pressure is cured. There are bioactive peptides in proteins called lactocinins and it works as a medicine to reduce hypertension.


  • Whey Protein for FatLose

By taking more protein it works very effectively in fat loss and it is more beneficial than other types of proteins. By consuming protein, the body’s calories decrease rapidly (whey protein for low calorie) due to which the weight also gets reduced. If you are troubled by your obesity, then you should immediately start consuming whey protein.


  • Whey Protein Promotes Muscle Growth

By age, the muscles also become weak. Due to this, many serious diseases start to emerge. In this situation, the body needs a high amount of protein. There is an amino acid called leucine in the whey protein which removes such a problem. Proteins are very beneficial for the growth of muscles and their better maintenance. After work-out and training, more people consume protein.

  • Boost Immunity

Glutathione is an important molecule for disease prevention, yet most people have probably never heard it. “The mother of all antioxidants,” glutathione is essential for detoxification and immune system functioning. Preserving this molecule is yet another of the many whey protein powder benefits.


·     Fight Cancer

Cancer infects far more family trees than it should ever impact. Scientists continue to study ways to prevent cancer and reduce the risk of developing it. Thanks to numerous studies and medical advancements, we now know of many ways to fight the disease. Cancer prevention may be the most important of all whey protein powder benefits.

Researchers have examined the impact of whey protein on certain cancer types, particularly colon and prostate cancers. They have concluded that whey protein may help fight cancer. Upon a doctor’s advice, people in high-risk cancer situations may benefit from including whey protein in their diets.


·     Lose Body Fat

Most weight watchers reduce their calorie intake in hopes of shedding excess pounds. Their concern, however, is preserving their muscles while they lose fat. Many experts consider whey to be the best weight loss protein around for balancing these two goals.

An American study examined the effects of whey protein and isocaloric drinks on dieters who reduced their daily calorie intake by 500 calories. Those who consumed whey lost a larger amount of body fat, yet managed to preserve their lean muscles. Whey protein bars and shakes can significantly improve weight loss efforts.



As you may have come to know that it is a dairy product, it does not have any side effects or losses. If the product of Whey Protein is not real then it can harm you its for gaining muscles. So its really crucial that you only consume the original whey protein. Click the below link and buy the genuine and original product for gaining muscles which is safe and effective.

Whey Protein for Daily Uses-Pro Tips for Beginners

Do you think that more protein will transform your fat body into muscular? Or are you one of those people who often suffer from body aches and less muscle growth, in such a way it can be assumed that there is a lack of protein in you and that is why you need whey protein the natural and purest classification of protein.

Whey protein in daily routine

When it comes to daily activity, it is a well-known fact that people consume inadequate amounts of protein. However, this does not apply to people who take protein more than they need, which also has the opposite effect. Still, no one can deny the need for protein on daily basis for the development of the body. The whey protein is responsible for every critical function of the body. This is because the whey protein is made of amino acids and it contains several Omega-3 known as our body building blocks. Below are certain functions of the body in which proteins are required.

  • Nervous Functions
  • Defense functions, cell development
  • The function of bleeding and especially brain transmission

However, through scientific studies we know that daily intake of protein is like a double-edged sword, that is, excessive or excessive consumption can lead to many side effects such as body constipation, insomnia, and persistent fever. So it is highly necessary to take protein under the guidance of experts. Amour Nutrition is the place where you get a bunch of health and fitness experts who can guide for free anytime.


How much whey protein you need on a daily basis

In 2011, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommended that 1.2-1.5 grams of protein/pound bodyweight are appropriate. If you ask us, we will halve this figure technically in kilogram and so that your kidney can get relief. Obviously now it is important to know how much protein is needed every day for achieving the goals but with better health, whether there are different quantities for women and men. Traditionally, if a person is either a woman or a man, the person paying attention to health should take 35 percent of its diet.


Tip: You can easily get 25 g protein from a protein shake

Obviously, there are many exceptions to this rule too. Bodybuilding enthusiasts, pregnant or milk-feeding women will be at the top of the spectrum. A few gym goers will make you realize that you need 300-400 grams of protein. You do a favor on yourself and do not come under such things at all until you get the guidance of any Professional bodybuilder or expert. Therefore, according to the common law, men who exercise continuously, they should take required whey protein as per their bodyweight and the woman as well through shake or any other source. Repeat this thing again that this rule is for those people who are excited about bodybuilding. In general, 46-50 grams of protein is available for people who care about health.

Tip: When someone reduces fat, it should increase the amount of protein so that the muscle mass gets maintained.


When it comes to vegetarians and greens, they can complete their protein needs with the help of peas, gram, beans, and all grains to develop the mussels. Still, bodybuilding is difficult for vegetarians but it is not possible they can go for whey protein given by Amour Nutrition.

Now we hope that your question- “How much protein should I take to develop the muscles?” Or you must have got the answer to the complexity of your daily protein. It is important but there is no such thing about panic. But what will happen when you start consuming more proteins than you need??


Side Effects of Protein

Before introducing anything, we should understand that excessive use of anything creates a loss. Excessive consumption of Vitamin-C can kill you. It is obvious that excessive consumption of protein will harm you. Below is a description of some side-effects that is caused by consuming more protein than the daily requirement.

  • Kidney Stones – It is riskier for people who already have stones because protein can increases the stones.
  • Fatigue – You may be fatigued by consuming a lot of protein, which will ruin your hard work and even your special workout will be wasted.
  • Headache – Excessive use of protein on the right in a particular situation can lead to a headache.

Although there are certainly good or bad effects of protein, we can avoid it by computing our calories. By calculating calories, we can know how many proteins the body needs so that the body can grow properly.

Then wait now for what? Take the protein today!

Right product and right amount will endow you with great muscles and attractive body. Contact us for more information. We will happy to assist you.

Wonderful Nutrition Tips for Athletes

A workout of 90 minutes or more cannot be palliative to your muscles, especially when it comes to performing it at high intensity it takes a lot of endurance. so here are some Nutrition Tips for Athletes. To play that workout task at your peak you need a special diet plan, which can boost your energy. It will also repair the vivid muscle tissues during recovery mode. To make a balance and get a steady growth we will navigate you through special tips for nutrition, which will not only help you out in your training drive but also make you energetic while performing the routine tasks


  • Many of us ponder on a myth that an athlete should stay away from But the reality is something we are far away from. In actual, the carbs are an athlete’s main fuel, which boosts the energy of an athlete, and provides enough stamina to perform the workout. Your body changes them into glucose, a form of sugar, and stores it in your muscles as glycogen.

During the workout, your body changes glycogen into energy. An exercise of 90 minutes bestows your muscles with glycogen, even for high-intensity activities. However, in case your workout exceeds longer than this duration, go for the following tip:

“Carbohydrate loading for 3 or 4 days before an event can help top up your glycogen stores,” says sports dietitian Joy Dubost, Ph.D.
  • Comply with a diet that encompasses around 70% of its calories from carbohydrates, also incorporates bread, cereals, pasta, fruit, and vegetables, to endow your body with maximum storage of carbs.
  • Consume your last meal 3 to 4 hours ago of the workout.
  • Make your stomach a bit empty.
  • Do not contemplate for eating sugary or starchy foods during a workout. Sugar content can speed up dehydration at the time workout.

Load carbs, water, and minerals when you are supposed to be in a long exercise session. Keep eating healthy snacks and drinks every 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Refined carbohydrates or raw carbs, which comprises sugar or flour, has an ability to pass quickly into the bloodstream. Those contents steer the energy into muscles. Many athletes prefer sports bars, sports drinks, or gels since they are so convenient, but fruit and fruit juice are also recommended to fulfill this purpose.
Since you don’t need quick energy, it’s best to choose less refined carbohydrates” such as a whole-grain bagel or carrot sticks, which provide both carbohydrates and a rich array of nutrients, Dubost says.
  • Protein is the prominent source which repairs muscles but the thing to be mentioned that protein does not provide a lot of fuel for energy. But when it comes to maintaining the muscles you surely need it.

Along with that, you should also be aware of the consumption you know what you need. An average person by body weight needs 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight a day. It indicates that about 88 grams of protein are required for a person with 150-pound. A savvy and strong athlete who indulges in a strength training may need up to 1.7 grams per kilogram of body weight. That’s about 150 grams of protein for a 200-pound athlete.

  • Be easy with fats while in training mode. When your body has fewer carbs and you need to prepare for a long event then body cuts down the fat to get enough and required energy. But here you need to notice that fat is also essential for our body as protein and carbs. A bunch of athletes achieves the essential fat consumption through these basic dietary guidelines.
  • Eating unsaturated fat from foods such as nuts, avocados, olives, vegetable oils, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna.
  • They keep a distance from fatty foods (on a special training day or event) which help them in performing much better than before.


  • An intense workout can make you dehydrated, especially in hot weather. Dehydration affects the performance and is a prevention in your muscle building. Because at the time of moments associated with a workout, your body demands more and more water.

So it is recommended, “All high-intensity athletes should drink fluids early and often,” Dubost says. “And don’t wait until you’re thirsty. By the time you feel parched, you may be seriously dehydrated.”

“One way to monitor hydration is to keep an eye on the color of your urine,” says Joshua Evans,  MD, a physician at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit and an expert on dehydration.

  • There is an indication if you are lacking with water. A pale yellow color depicts that you are getting enough fluid. Bright yellow or dark urine means you are falling short.


Because intense exercise makes you lose fluid quickly, it’s a good idea to drink fluids before as well as during an event, Dubost says.

Above shown were some Nutrition Tips for Athlete with beneficial exercises along with required nutrition which is a need for maintaining the proper body for athletes.

Hence, we the amour-nutrition a registered manufacturing unit is here to help you out in your drive of achieving your bodybuilding goals. Our all products are being manufactured under GMP NSF facility which has no side effects. Stay tuned to get the Best Pre-workout protein and advice you were on a quest for some Nutrition Tips for Athlete. We can ensure you that Amour will provide original and genuine supplements. To get the best outgrowth of your muscles development and we have an established panel of fitness experts who will assist you with all your queries. As we have a vast range of bodybuilding supplements and best protein powder in India, so you can explore our website to have the most Genuine Protein Powder and increases the inner muscle power inner strength and inner immunity inner mass.


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Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles

Wanted to wage the war on fat and show off your lean and hardened Muscles? Don’t be the victim of the usual crap advices that says takes endless runs, salads and sit-ups. Unless you want to be a skinny-ripped and these types of training won’t get you the lean and hardened Muscles you are looking for. We at amour nutrition will provide you with some Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles.

The illustration of a muscular physic can be achieved through an intense workout. To get a lean and tendinous physic you go through the strength-training workout which is notable as a most effective way out in muscle gains you are running after.

Here you confront a veracity that you will have to stop dreaming about strong muscles without proper nutrition. The result of a muscular physic is a blend of various exercise and protein intakes. In our daily routine, it is a bit hard task to consume rich foods every time. To eradicate the instability of protein intake you can consume whey protein, which will fulfill the entire requirement of protein requirements your muscle tissues need to get a growth.

Just implement the following Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles with an esthetic look:

  • Comprise an Intense Training in Your Daily Life

The foremost thing you need to understand that more muscles over your fats make your body metabolically active than ever. It will also be responsible for burning more calories even when you’re just performing routine jobs. Resistance weight training is the only way to achieve more muscles.

  • Consume More Fiber

Our body is unable to break down the fibers into glucose to use for energy; radically fiber is a sort of carbohydrate.

Fiber has two types:

Soluble and Insoluble, and both fibers have their different roles. They perform for the betterment of the body. Soluble fiber nicely receives water to create a gel which maintains and slows down the digestion and makes balance in the emptiness of your stomach, it will make you feel fuller the entire day. It also helps in lowering blood cholesterol by interfering with the absorption of dietary cholesterol, helping to remove it from the body.

Broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, spinach, green beans, water chestnuts, zucchini, whole grains, green leafy veggies, and beans are the best food available with fiber.

  • Add Macro-nutrients with Wisdom

Always try to avoid consuming a carb-only meal as it’s probably not wise. A meal like this can steer the process of the liver to convert excess carbohydrates into fat ahead, which will be transferred into the body for future use as energy.

Make sure you are having enough protein in every meal. It will provide not only strength to your muscles but also a fat-free body.

  • Do not Choose Excessive Cardio

Trainers suggest cardio along with resistance training, your body will adapt to cardio while you are on a training program. Choosing running for hours will adapt your body for consuming more meal every time which can be a cause of your fat. You need to teach your body to burn enough calories which are needed. It will maintain your intakes and digestive system as well. Because our entire goal is fitness, not an ailing body.

  • Track and Record Everything

It is probably the most important tip for getting and staying lean. Tracking the progress of your body fitness while training can endow the miraculous aftermaths to you. Always measure your body fat and weight before beginning the training and meanwhile must have a sharp eye on the progress.

Above shown were the some Tips to Get Lean and Harden Muscles with beneficial exercises along with required nutrition which is need for maintaining proper body.

Hence, we the amour-nutrition a registered manufacturing unit is here to help you out in your drive of achieving your bodybuilding goals. Our all products are being manufactured under GMP NSF facility which has no side effects. Stay tuned to get the Best Pre-workout protein and advice you were on a quest for some Tips to Get Lean and Hardened Muscles. We can ensure you that Amour will provide original and genuine supplements. To get the best outgrowth of your muscles development and we have an established panel of fitness experts who will assist you with all your queries. As we have a vast range of bodybuilding supplements and best protein powder in India, so you can explore our website to have the most Genuine Protein Powder and increases the inner muscle power inner strength and inner immunity inner mass.


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