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We the AMOUR NUTRITION welcome the beginners who have decided to take the plunge in the ocean of fitness and get fit and to know more about Whey Protein.

If the journey of your fitness and workout is just started to build muscles, bulking up, or reducing weight and get into attractive shape then you must be aware of few important things in the quest of achieving your goals.

Performing workout with a professional and well-framed exercise schedule can help you out in getting your dreams true. Along with that, a keen focus on diet is a must. You should be capable enough to execute the suggested diet plan as per your goals. The food intake considered by you should be filled with all essential nutrients.

Protein is one of the most recommended and important nutrition depicts a path to achieve your dreams. It is required to get the fitness goals, specifically for those who want to have a well-built body.


Novice who is purely a beginner in this filed always being told that “protein is your best friend” when it comes to being fit can be a bit frustrating. Here are some of the reasons why this statement would be often repeated in the world of fitness training:

  • Protein helps in muscle building and provides lean muscles. It also enhances the metabolism.
  • It cannot be synthesized by our body, making it essential for us to consume it to meet our daily needs.
  • It promotes muscle healing and growth.
  • Protein is a miraculous intake which is good for bone health, by increasing its density. This keeps you safe from osteoporosis.
  • To reduce body fat protein can be considered as a suitable supplement. The reason is, protein enhances muscles’ health and it is a bit hard for fat to survive on muscles.
  • Protein has immunity boosting properties and helps in combating various diseases.
  • It endows you with a better sleep at night, and better sleep can help in repairing your muscle tissues.


The intake amount and requirement of protein varies person to person.

 For a typical person, the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) is 0.8 grams per 1 kg of body weight or 0.36 g per pound. These values are applicable for people with sedentary lifestyles and may vary according to your needs. Athletes are generally recommended to eat far more protein than that consumed by ordinary individuals.

To state it in simple words, it is a bit difficult to get the required protein from the food alone. Our daily food or diet cannot bestow you with enough required protein intake.  So, this is the time when protein arrives to confer the needed amount you want to build muscles.

We the AMOUR NUTRITION will walk you through the best protein source which is available as WHEY PROTEIN. A suitable quantity of whey protein, an original product, and enough workouts can lead you to achieve your fitness goals. We will introduce what is WHEY PROTEIN.

AMOUR NUTRITION: What is Whey Protein?

Whey is sort of precious part present in the liquid form obtained after the coagulation of milk while the process of cheese manufacturing. Once considered a waste by-product, it now has developed into a widely sought after commodity due to its nutritional value. It constitutes about 20% of milk.

Whey protein is the purest form of protein which boosts the process of tissue replacing and serves the great aftermaths which you cannot even imagine. Here a question arises:


Many of us know that people take whey protein but a few get the desired results. There could be many reasons but the main reason is, “We are surrounded by fake protein powders in India”. Even the big brands of health and fitness supplement market are being victimized through these fake products and duplicate supplements. This is the major issue which is destroying the health of fitness freaks and also taking them far away from the desired fitness goals.

What is the solution?

To stay away from fake supplements you should buy the product directly from the warehouse of the brand or company. But all brands are situated in a foreign country which is a bit costly to buy from their outlet. A risk of replacing the original product with the duplicate one gets increased in this case.

We, the AMOUR NUTRITION A US-BASED SPORTS NUTRITION COMPANY arrived in India for serving the best health and sports nutrition product to our people. We are offering the best whey protein direct from our US Headquarter and customer can get it direct from our Indian outlet which is available at every nook and corner of the country.

In India, we are the one associated with Gabina to serve our people with the purest form of protein and save our youth from the fake products.  Amore Nutrition directly gets the protein raw martial and the entire formulation from Glabina USA. So, to get the best, pure and suitable proteins just contact us.


A few questions may be blowing your mind.

  • How is whey protein, which is basically ‘just protein’ going to help me”?
  • Will be effective?
  • How will it boost my muscles?

Worry not, because whey protein doesn’t just have one type of nutrient in it. Along with that, we at AMOUR NUTRITION have a team of qualified and professional fitness experts. We will love to assist you with all your fitness queries.

So there you have it. Whey protein is the best-suited way which will bring a life-changing experience to you. A daily dose of this supplement will bestow you with a great physic. Just add it to your diet and see the results. It comes for sportspersons, strength trainers and those who want to lose fat while gaining muscle.

If you’ve got more info to add, queries, or have any experience with whey protein to share, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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